Why You Should Hike With Your Dog

  Hiking is a favorite for most people. What’s even better, though, is hiking with your dog! Nine times out of ten, you will never catch me out on a trail without my dog. Hiking with her has become our “thing”. There’s so many benefits when it comes to hiking with man’s best friend, and I’m here to tell you them!

  First off, hiking with your dog creates a special bond. Oftentimes, we get into the routine of life and forget the importance of breaking that routine. The same is for your dog. If you only hang out with your dog at the house, that time spent together loses its importance. Just like families need bonding time, so do animals and their owners. Therefore, it’s so important to get out and do things out of the norm with your dog.

  What about hiking creates a bond? To me, the fact that they have to learn to rely on you to keep them safe creates a companionship. You’re the one that’s holding the leash, and you make the decisions, so they develop trust that you’ll lead them in the right direction. Nothing brings you and your dog closer than by literally being connected with a leash. Your dog will learn to crave one-on-one time out in the woods with you, and you will too. It will become y’all’s “thing” just like my dog and me.

  Next, hiking is extremely good for your dog. It not only physically exercises them, but it also mentally drains them. Hiking is so different than taking your dog out in the yard to play ball. The never ending amount of smells and sights keeps your dog’s brain running full speed. Mental stimulation is incredibly important for your dog. Did you know dogs can develop anxiety, OCD, and depression disorders just like us? The best way to prevent that is exercise! Another reason why hiking is good for them is the socialization. Dogs need to be socialized or they could develop aggression issues. Hiking is a stress-free way to get them out and about, helping them adapt to the different social aspects of life.

  Lastly, hiking with your dog is just fun! You will always have a hiking buddy no matter what. You’ll get to see them truly enjoy life out on the trails and create so many memories. One of my favorite things to see is my dog picking up random sticks that are too big to be carried. She tries her best to carry them, but it always fails.

  Hiking with your dog will always be an adventure. It’s so much fun and full of benefits. Over time, you will begin to see that bond and excitement for one-on-one time being formed. It is so rewarding! Now, every time I pull into the state park, my dog barks out of excitement because she knows what’s about to happen. I hope this educated or encouraged you to get out with your pup and enjoy life with them. Happy hiking!

Do you hike with your dog? Do you have any reasons why you like hiking with your dog?

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Hike With Your Dog”

  1. Do I hike with my dogs? Heck yeah! One of the many benefits of hiking with my dog, for me, was getting me out of depression, incredibly, but it worked, I was so caught up in my own sadness that when I realized that he needed me, Everything changed instantly, you know? I gotta take care of him I had to, he was depending on me, to be fed, vaccines, vet visits, poop training, etc etc, by the time I started to realize how much better I felt when I was outside with him, I was already “recovered” from my depression, I would say with no doubt that he saved my life, and doesn’t even know. Goliath is his name, he is a small dog, but his heart is huge, I would say, even bigger that the real Goliath himself, and instead of hurting someone, he’s been saving my life every day, and last year I got another dog and of course I had to name him David lol even though he id bigger. Both of them have been the greatest and purest bonding experience I ever had. I know for a fact that some day when they are gone I will be heartbroken but I will remember how he thought me how to overcome all that sadness and I will be able to smile with a little tear in my heart.
    Great job! Keep going. Hope you have an awesome journey in college, and hopefully we can hike sometime with our dogs 🐶. Take care.

    1. I LOVE your dogs’ names!! My journey of hiking with my dog is pretty similar to yours, except I struggle with anxiety. I bought my shepherd when I was at a really low point in my anxiety journey, and she became my closest companion. She’s been there with me through it all. I originally started hiking because of her, but I soon realized how much it was benefiting my mental health too. Now, I can’t live without her or hiking. Thank you for sharing your story with me!!

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