My College Journey

  I’m not usually the type to dream. I don’t have my wedding dress picked out or what flowers I want to walk down the aisle with. I mean, it helps that I don’t even want a wedding, haha. I don’t have my future house picked out or the names and genders of my kids. My point is, I don’t dream. However, that wasn’t the case a few months ago.

  8 months ago, I knew exactly what I wanted for my life. I was going to be a college student living in Columbus, Ohio. I was going to have an apartment off-campus that was decorated like a farmhouse. My dog was going to move with me, and we were going to explore as many hikes as we could when we had down time. I was going to be independent, make new friends in my vet tech program, and enjoy life. I planned on visiting my family during holidays, and experiencing my first real, northern snow. I wanted to move a month in advance, so I could get settled and start learning the new area. Y’all, I even knew who was going to do my nails while I was up there. 

  Before I applied to this college, I got asked a lot why I chose somewhere so far away and not this tech that’s close by. In response, I had all of these negative reasons why I wouldn’t even consider it, and why the one in Ohio was so much better. I absolutely refused to go there. I had already been accepted to the college of my dreams, so why even talk about it?  I believed that everything was going to be perfect – until it wasn’t.

  On June 11, 2019, the day before my birthday, I received a letter in the mail that no one wants to receive. The letter stated that because of the lack of enrollment, they were shutting down the entire school. Yeah, you read that right. Like, the school doesn’t exist anymore. Granted, it only offered 3 programs, so it was small, but still… happy birthday to me, right?

  After reading this, I literally had no idea what to do with myself. Everything that I had been planning over the past few months literally just disappeared right before my eyes. The apartment I dreamed about? Gone. The exploring I wanted to do? Gone. My future career? Gone. I had no other plan B. This was the only college I had applied to because I refused to go anywhere else. That’s how bad I wanted this.

  After getting over the shock and sadness, I kind of just put it all in the back of my mind. I mean, what do you do? College was supposed to start two months from when I found out. I didn’t feel like I had enough time to find somewhere else. So, I told myself that I was just take 6 months off and apply in the spring. However, that wasn’t a good enough plan for me. I don’t like to sit and do nothing when I know I could be bettering myself for my future.

  So, over the past couple of weeks, I have been going over my options. I came up with about 3. First off, I could wait the 6 months and figure it out later. Second, I could apply to a community college around me and transfer next semester. Or, last of all, I could apply to a community college around here and stay with it until graduation. With the time ticking and spots getting filled, I knew I was in crunch time.  

  After lots of thinking, I have made a decision. Once the place I refused to consider is now where I’ll be attending classes. After going to orientation and choosing my classes, I’m hopeful for what’s to come. These last couple of months have been anything but easy. Going from a life planned out, to not knowing what step to take next is hard. In my dreams, it wasn’t supposed to be this way, but I’m choosing to trust the process and find the good in what my life is now going to look like. Here’s to starting my college years!

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