My First Month of College

Well, here we are, one month of college down. It’s kind of hard to believe. In some ways, it’s weirdto think it has already been a month. However, it’s even harder to think, hasit really only been a month? I feel like I’ve done six months worth ofwork squeezed into just one.

  I’m going to be honest, this first month has been very much less than perfect. I think everyone goes into college knowing that it’s going to be difficult, but I wasn’t prepared for this kind of difficult. I credit some of this extra hardship to the fact that I was homeschooled for the past three years. I’ve had to adjust to being in class almost every day again, taking tests, having homework, and all-around way more expectations than what I’ve been used to.

  In this first month,a lot has happened. What these first few weeks have consisted of rangesanywhere from getting my first ever 0% in my life to being given one of theworst rated professors at the college (thanks,, or tobeing told by a professor that I can’t be in their class on my very first day. I’vealready had lots of tests, assignments, and a research essay which is normal.

  College isn’t likewhat I expected. This semester, I’m not taking any classes related to my majorat all, and I’m sure that’s normal, but I figured I would at least be takingone class that had to do with animals. I am getting to take a psychology class,though, and I like it. I’ve always found that trying to understand why peopledo the things they do or think the way they think is so interesting. I lovewatching videos about various mental illnesses and learning what they are and whythey develop. The professor’s main goal of this class is for us to finish thissemester understanding who we personally are and why. I would love to use thisclass to understand anxiety more, since I deal with it on a daily basis.

When it comes to my professors, they’re polar opposites. Ihave one teacher that is so laid back, helpful, and obviously wants their studentsto succeed. They go above and beyond and make the class interesting. They knewfrom the get-go that the majority of us were in there as a pre-requisite, sothey made the material simpler and not as in-depth. On the other hand, I have aprofessor who seriously seems like their mission is to make their students fail.They hand out zeros for anything and everything like using the wrong font size,not writing in pencil, or not handwriting your words big enough for them toread. They would rather talk down on their students for not knowing, ratherthan trying to help them. I’ve debated withdrawing out of this class because I feellike it’s impossible to pass it. Because of this bad experience, I’m definitelymaking sure I do my research on the professor before signing up for their classnext semester.

  While I know thishas been a rather negative post, it’s real life. Sadly, social media’sexpectations tells us that our first year of college should look fun,care-free, and the best ever. But, I’m here to say that it’s not, and that’sok. College is hard and takes a lot from you. There was a solid couple of weekswhere I just wanted to drop out, but I’m here writing this which must mean I survivedand didn’t quit ;). While I’ve been seeing many of my peers out there thriving atwhatever college they may be at (which is amazing, don’t get me wrong), I’msure there is someone who may be silently struggling through their experienceso far like me. I hope this lets them know that they aren’t alone. While it maybe hard, remember, if college was easy then everyone would be doing it.

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