My First Semester of College

Semester 1 – done. Phew! Now I can breathe for a little bit. It’s honestly still so hard to believe that I’m in college, let alone already done with a semester. I don’t remember becoming grown.

  The last 4 months have been anything but easy, let me tell you. I think the first semester, or maybe even the first year, of college is a big learning curve for everyone. For me, I know that these last few months have been filled with some trial and error. From having to learn the best techniques to use for studying or figuring out how to meet my professors’ expectations on assignments, to even realizing I need to pick better class times next semester. It’s like this first semester was my trial run (except it’s definitely not free), and next semester I’ll have it a little more figured out so that I can mean business.

  The biggest thing I learned this semester was that next time, don’t just pick a class without doing research on the professor. The hardest trial I faced these past few months was being put in a class with a really bad professor. They were incredibly intelligent in the subject they taught, but just not a good person. Lots of yelling and sarcastic moments were had. I don’t want to bash them entirely, but it was just obvious that they didn’t care about their students and how they treated us. We were made to feel stupid and less than. There were several times where I would get bad anxiety before having to go to this person’s class, and I even had a panic attack (which I hardly have anymore) that landed me in the ER because I couldn’t calm down… all because of the fear and stress I had related to this professor. Many, many times I wanted to withdraw from the class and try again with a better professor. I actually met with my advisor to start the withdrawal process, even though I had less than 6 weeks left of the class. However, I stuck it out because my major requires that I take the course. Having to show up was so hard, but I did it. It was disappointing to see my grade suffering because I’m usually an A/B student, but I tried my best. On a good note, the class is finally over and I passed. Hallelujah!

  Even though it’s only been 4 months, I feel like I’ve already turned into the stereotypical college student. I’m literally the student that goes, “wait, we had stuff due?” Needless to say, I got my first ever zero this semester, which definitely wasn’t my last, lol (it’s not funny but I have to laugh to survive). To add on to the zeros, I also discovered that skipping class isn’t nearly as big of a deal as it was in high school (not that I ever skipped in high school. Former teachers, I promise I was sick when I wasn’t there), and that was the start of a bad habit. While I never maxed out on my “sick days”, it’s not good that I know I can wake up and choose to not go. So… maybe the strictness of my old school when it came to attendance was for my own good after all.

  This semester has been full of learning, studying, homework, essays, stressing, lack of sleep, and drinking lots of coffee — ya know, the usual life of a college student. Despite the bad professor that I had, this semester really wasn’t that horrible at all. I mean, I liked it enough to sign up for another round of it next month. I honestly like having something to do during the day, and I really do like learning. I always have, so long as it’s something that interests me, like my psychology class. I thoroughly enjoyed going to that class every Tuesday and Thursday. I, for one, had an amazing professor, but I also got to learn lots of cool and helpful things in there, like how to manage stress, what different mental disorders are, and why we do some of the things we do. Might I add, though, as a first generation student, it’s pretty stinkin’ cool being able to tell others you’re in college when they ask, too.

  I’m so ready to take on next semester, but I’m definitely going to enjoy this Christmas break first. Second semester is going to be different. I have more classes than I did this semester, and the majority of them are online. Since my last 3 years of high school were online, I think it should go pretty well. I also have an early morning class which will take some getting used to, but all of my in-person classes will be done by 12:30 every day, and that will be nice since I’ve been getting out between 4:00 and 5:00 every day. The thing I’m most excited for, though, is the fact that I get to take Intro to Veterinary Technology starting in January! I’m so excited, and I can’t wait to learn! This first semester was full of learning, adjusting, and a little bit of fun. I think having to deal with that bad professor of mine helped me to be a stronger, better student. I can’t wait to see what next semester has in store.

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  1. If I may ask what college did you pick to go to.
    Keep up the good work. I always told mine :YOU CAN BE ANYBODY YOU WANT TO. Good luck in all you set your mind to do.

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