My 2020 Hiking Goals

I know we’re already almost 2 weeks into 2020, but I’m late for everything. Now, I’m not usually a New Year’s resolution kind of person, but I think setting small goals for the year is a really good way to live on purpose, rather than just letting the days pass by.

In 2019, I challenged myself to hike 100 hikes by the end of the year. I ended up completing it, and I absolutely loved the journey. It made me get out and be active more often because of the “pressure” to finish all of the hikes in that time frame. Plus, it was motivating because getting one hike closer to 100 was so rewarding. And, I even got interviewed about it which was super cool and even more rewarding!

Since I did that challenge last year and loved it, I decided I wanted to challenge myself again this year. However, this time around, I have decided I want it to be different.

My biggest goal for 2020 is to hike 500 miles! This will be interesting and challenging since last year I only completed 350 miles. Each time I hike, I will be keeping track of the mileage and adding them up to get a grand total. I found this challenge through Ultimate Hiking Challenge. I was searching online for hiking challenges to do and came across this one. You can sign up to hike 100, 250, 500, or 1000 miles and receive some goodies once you’ve finished! Since I did hike 350 miles last year, I figured 500 miles would be the most reasonable to challenge myself to do. 1000 seems a bit much right now, haha.

You see, last year, I did hike 100 hikes. However, the hikes were usually about 2 miles long on average, which is why my mileage wasn’t as high. So, goal #2 is to hike longer distances. I’m not the best at going on longer hikes, so I want to work on that. I’d like to hike a couple of 10-milers again this year, too!

Just like in 2019, I will be documenting every hike. I loved doing that. It’s a great way to be able to look back and see what all I’ve done and where. However, goal #3 is to be more in depth when I document, whether it’s online or in my journal. Where did I hike? How long was it? What was the elevation? How was the weather? All of that good stuff and a summary of how the hike was for me in my own words. I plan to go more in depth in my journal than my social media just because I like to keep some stuff private.

Goal #4 is that I want to hike in new places. When I hiked the 100 hikes, the majority of the trails, I did over and over again. Yes, I hiked in a few different states, but that was just a handful of hikes. This year, I would like to intentionally plan to hike new places and trails. I want to explore!

Lastly, goal #5 is that I am challenging myself to hike 100 hikes again on top of the 500 miles. I really enjoyed doing it, and, like I already mentioned, it made me get out more often. I love hiking, but there’s days where I need a push to go out and do it, rather than staying in and watching Hallmark. Making myself hike 100 hikes does just that!

I love challenging myself when it comes to hiking. It makes me be intentional. It makes hiking more than just recreational fun for me. Anyone can go on a hike, but not everyone is a hiker. I feel like a hiker is someone who wants to set goals and challenges for themselves on the trail. Someone who isn’t ok with doing the same couple of trails once or twice a month. I’ve loved the journey of becoming a hiker. I still have many things to learn and do, and I’m so ready to take on 2020! Happy hiking!!

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