When College Plans Fail

Earlier this afternoon, I hopped on Facebook to see that a year ago today, I got accepted into Vet Tech Institute. Immediately, I was bummed.

A year ago today, I thought my dreams were finally coming true. I thought I was going to be moving on my own to a new state, and that I was going to be gaining lots of independence. I was going to take my dog, and we were going to explore new hiking places. We were going to navigate how to drive and live in the snow, but my most favorite dream of them all was that I was going to decorate my apartment in the cutest farmhouse style. Oh, and I was going to go to school, of course. It was all going to be close to perfect in just a few, short months. Getting accepted was my ticket there.

Since I’m not currently in Columbus, Ohio figuring out how to drive in the snow to get to my farmhouse styled apartment after a day of classes… it’s pretty obvious that all of that didn’t work out. That’s because, a day before my birthday in June 2019, I got a letter in the mail saying that the entire vet tech program I was supposed to be a part of in a few months was shutting down… happy birthday to me, right? I was so bummed, maybe even heartbroken. Nonetheless, life goes on, and I enrolled into a college closer to home. It definitely wasn’t my first choice, and I really didn’t even want it to be a choice at all. However, it was my only option because I knew I wanted to start classes immediately and not have a gap year.

Even though I’m a semester and change into my first year of this college, I still struggle with wondering what life would have been like had it worked out at the one in Ohio. There’s times where I compare the one I’m at now to it. If something negative happens, I’ll think things like, “if I had been able to go to the other college, this probably would be better”. Despite this college not being my first choice, I will say that I’m thankful for the way life has turned out.

If it wasn’t for my original plans not working, I wouldn’t have: been able to go to Ohio and visit Columbus, be present during my nephew’s (almost) first year of life, hike 100 hikes and get interviewed by SC State Parks, take Bella on her first beach trip, start training classes with her, and much more.

While I’m unsure of what my future holds, I’m thankful that I am in college, even if it wasn’t where I initially wanted to be. It turns out that the vet tech program I’m in is one of the best in my state and helps prepare us more than most.

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  1. Mary, I, too, have spent some time wishing/wondering/fantasizing over lost opportunities, but there is no way to know what rewards or consequences you would have experienced in Ohio. Where you are may be best for you right now. Ask God to show you where HIS open doors are and be thankful for the doors that He has closed. If you go through the doors that He opens, you will find so much joy and happiness. He is your safe place and you can trust Him completely. This I know.

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