How to Enjoy Reading

For as long as I can remember, I absolutely hated reading. I would rather do anything else instead of it. There were years where I wouldn’t read a single book. And honestly, as more kids get phones at such young ages, I think the more reading books will become a thing of the past. It wasn’t until last summer that I started really getting into reading. Now, I read whenever I get the chance. Here are some things that helped me start to like reading:

Find a Genre You Like

The biggest thing that helped me begin to enjoy reading was finding a genre that I liked. If you’re reading books about things that don’t interest you at all, of course you’ll hate reading. I don’t like history, so I know to not ever read a book on historical things. However, I know that I love Hallmark movies and young adult romance, so I’m going to find books that fit under that category. Sit down for a little and think about what you like.

Find an Author You Like

Once you find a genre you like, you may end up finding an author that you like. If you read a book that you end up liking, look and see if the author has other books and give another a try. You may find out that you like the author as a whole. For me, I like Sarah Dessen. She is a young adult romance author. I’ve read several of her books and liked every one of them, so I know that I’ll most likely like another one of her books.

Decide Whether or Not You Like to Read Hard Copies or E-Books

About ten years ago when I was in elementary, I got a NOOK. I hardly used it at all, but I’ve kept it all these years. When I first started getting into reading, I would read hard copies. However, during the summer last year, I decided to dust off my NOOK. After reading a little on it, I quickly realized that I very much prefer to read e-books rather than hard copies. I enjoy being able to read in the dark and not having to flip pages. Recently, I’ve switched to using the NOOK app on my phone, and I love it!

Try Reading a Chapter a Day

Once you’ve found the genre and maybe an author you like, as well as how you prefer to read, it’s time to start reading. But it’s important to understand that just because you’ve found out these things, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically turn into a bookworm. I still struggle to want to read. What I do, though, is I try to make myself read at least a chapter a day. I know that, for some reason, I can read and focus best at night, so I try to get a chapter in before bed. By reading a chapter, it’s not too much, yet you’re actively knocking out the book. This tip is seriously how I’ve managed to read several books in the past year.

Don’t Force Yourself to Read If You Don’t Want to

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you just really don’t feel like reading one day, don’t force yourself to. When you’re trying to encourage yourself to enjoy reading, you need to keep it positive. Forcing yourself to read will just make you not like it, and you most likely won’t pay attention to what you’re reading anyway. It’s ok to go a few days without reading if you’re really not feeling it.

Download Goodreads

Goodreads app

Goodreads is something that I just came across recently after seeing someone I follow post about it. This is an app where you can keep track of all of the books you’ve already read, the books you want to read, create a reading goal, as well as track the progress of what you’re currently reading. You can see what books your friends have read, want to read, and are reading too. You can read and make reviews, so that you know if a book is worth it. On top of all of that, you can join groups too! This app is a really neat way to find recommendations, reviews, and keep track of your reading.

Download Reading Apps

NOOK app

My last piece of advice is to download a reading app. There are so many different options out there. If you have an iPhone, you already have Apple Books downloaded on your phone. I personally use the NOOK app, but there is also the Amazon Kindle app too. I think it’s really smart to download an app like this so that your book is always on you because, let’s be honest, we keep our phones glued to us. Having the NOOK app has helped me to be more intentional when it comes to reading. I try my best to read on my phone rather than scroll through social media.

All of these tips are exactly what I’ve done and still do to keep myself reading. Choosing to read does not come naturally to me, but I have definitely read way more than I used to. I hope these were helpful!

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